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Eat to be Slim 1 – How a simple system helps to achieve strength, health and vitality for a lifetime.

What I offer you is not a diet per se. That is what I say for more than 20 years. Diet, as most people understand it, represents a short-time change in eating. However, I am constantly talking about a PERMANENT CHANGE in eating habits up to now. We do not inherit illnesses and overweight, we inherit the cooking habits of our mothers. And that is why we start to resemble our mothers over time.

Besides the 28-day purifying and harmonising diet program with recipes and photos – to show that even healthy meals can look tastefully on plate, and also taste delicious – the book Eat to be Slim 1 contains:

– Table of foodstuffs and nutrition advice according to blood groups (you can check out what you normally consume and what could cause your problem)
– Suitable food combination chart

To be slim, full of strength, vitality and above all HEALTH, as mentioned by the respondents in the book, change your perspective of eating.

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